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This book of 152 pages by Adinda Zoutman, is much more than just a book about crocheting. It is an exceptional collection of beautiful and colorful pictures, inspiring stories and ideas for getting into working with yarn and a crocheting hook. Adinda is the founder of the ‘happy stola’ and a huge advocate of crocheting freely. That means no complicated crocheting programs, but Adinda’s best tips and tricks to give you a boost and wake up your creativity. Everyone is born creative, but some of us forget this because of the digital society around us. With this book you will discover that in the end it does not matter in which way you use your creativity, as long as you do use it!

Please note: Pictures of the book as shown, are from the Dutch Version. If ordered in english you will receive the english version.

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About Adinda

Adinda Zoutman currently lives in the Dutch province of Friesland with her Italian husband Gilberto Squizzato. Since the birth of their children, Adinda has resumed her crochet work and over the last few years her hallmark crochet creations have quickly grown in popularity the world over. Her love of nature, the time spent living in Italy and the very special way she has of relating with people all come through in her work. Her talent has definitely not gone unnoticed – her works have been published in a number of magazines and she has gained thousands of followers in social media worldwide. She regularly holds workshops both in her home country and abroad where her patterns have grown exceptionally popular. The photographs in this first book by Adinda are by talented professional photographer Duco de Vries, who’s been excellently capable of capturing on camera the unique aspects of Adinda and her work better than anyone else possibly could.

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