No matter if you are a minor, major or left-handed crocheter, our workshops are led by experienced ladies who will help you to leave the Basic Lodge crocheting or with a finished painting on tableware!

Crochet Café

Three times a month we give a Crochet Café in the Basic Lodge. You are free to join and share the latest news about crochet, handcraft and trending topics, after you will head home with new inspiration! Check our agenda for the latest data.

Rural Environment

Basic Lodge is Thé location for creative workshops in a rural environment! Our Lodge is uniquely located in the beautiful Wieringermeer polder in North Holland, nearby the A7.


Stay up to date with our latest news and information. Regularly we share our experiences on our blog! (only available in Dutch)


Experience the cosiness of our woodstove, surrounded by your loved ones like friends , family or colleagues, while crocheting or painting!

Adinda's World Webshop

Available on our Website! Check on https://basiclodge.nl/shop

Have a look at http://Adindasworld.com as well!

‘ Friendship’ is the foundation of all reasons people join for a workshop at the Basic Lodge…